8 Ridiculous Videos of Job Interviews

Everyone has their list of bad job interviews –  if you haven’t had a bad interview yet, trust me, it’s coming. It’s either you’re late, wore the wrong attire, or the hiring manager is just a straight up weirdo. We’ve come across some videos making fun of almost every kind of predicament you don’t want to get yourself into while going through the interview process. Check out these eight sick and twisted interview situations below.


1. The Video Interview


Check out Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn’s interview for Google from The Internship.


2. The First Job Interview in the World


It’s so easy a caveman can’t do it.


3. Wrong Job, Wrong Place, Wrong Time.


Check out Hugh Jackman showcasing his resume for a job he has no experience in.


4. When You Really Just Don’t Want to Get Hired.


Watch Will Ferrell and John C. Riley troll these hiring managers in this snippet from their comedy Step Brothers


5. The Ultimate Test



6. When You’re Too Honest.


Check out Sacha Cohen’s interviews from his comedy, Borat.


7. Who did this?


Watch this LG Ultra HD 84″ TV PRANK as candidates think a meteor is crashing to earth during their job interviews. Worst day ever!


8. When you ask your friend to do an interview for you


Watch Ben Affleck take the place for co-star Matt Damon in a job interview from their movie, Good Will Hunting.
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