Brand Ambassador of the Month – Alex Sheinman

Alex Sheinman is University Beyond’s Ambassador of the Month for March 2016.


The Basics:

School: Pennsylvania State University, Smeal College of Business

Major: Marketing

Year: Sophomore


More about you:


What are your interests academically and outside of the classroom?

My interests academically are to learn as much as possible from the classes that will benefit me in the future of business. I don’t want to just take the classes that are “mandatory” or major oriented, my goal is to leave Penn State with knowledge in all areas of business whether its finance, management, entrepreneurship, or marketing. Outside of the classroom, I do my best to experience and get involved with everything I possibly can. Working with people is something I value a lot, and outside the classroom I have made relationships with professors, students, athletes and organizations.


What are your career goals?

My career goals have been pretty persistent through the past few years. Last summer I had my first working experience at Source Communications, where I worked with clients such as Buffalo Wild Wings, Subway, Wise Chips and Amtrak. While working, I realized that I want to start my own business. In college, everyone is very focused on finding jobs or landing the right job, my mindset is that I want to be the one that is creating jobs for other people. I want to give people opportunities and help them succeed. Specifically, I want to be in charge of managing the marketing and endorsement platforms of professional athletes. An athlete may be successful on the field, but I want to help them maintain that success off the field and during the off-season.


Fun facts about yourself?

Some fun facts about myself, I was born in Atlanta, Georgia, I’m a huge golden retriever fan, and I have a twin brother named Jake. I’m the head of Alumni Relations for Sigma Alpha Mu, I love traveling to baseball stadiums (I’ve been to 12 so far), my role model is Mark Cuban, and I’ve ran in a Spartan Race (4 miles + 25 obstacles).


Experiences as an Ambassador


Why did you choose to pursue a Brand Ambassadorship?

I chose to pursue a Brand Ambassadorship because I saw the opportunity and potential with selling and promoting to college students. The target market at colleges is an age group between 18-21 year olds. Those are amazing ages in everyone’s life where people are trying new things, creating new habits and more importantly spending money. I wanted to be more than just a student while at school, so in taking on a brand ambassadorship I saw the opportunity to create connections and build relationships in the business world.


What company did you work for?

I worked for DirecTV selling their NFL SUNDAY TICKET package to all college students at Penn State.


What were your responsibilities?

My responsibilities were to create and implement a unique marketing plan that included target market selection, a developed SWOT analysis, and geographical positioning techniques. Myself and one other ambassador (Jon Marcus) created relationships with local companies including the bookstore, restaurants, apartment complexes and fraternity houses. All of these relationships allowed us to create new sales and generated brand awareness across the entire campus. Another one of my responsibilities was to utilize social media. I co-developed a social media marketing strategy that utilized Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat to attract our target audience and gain more sales. In the process, myself and the other ambassador were successful in selling over 400 packages, which ranked second in the country in sales. It was the first year DirecTV offered Penn State students the opportunity to buy the NFL SUNDAY TICKET package.


What did you learn from it?

During the 8-week program, I really learned a lot in terms of marketing and sales. Every relationship I made during the program could have led to another sale and our only goal was to sell the most packages in the country. Another huge part of the program was the customer service we provided. Every person that I sold a package to had my personal information to contact me at anytime about any problems or questions they had regarding NFL SUNDAY TICKET. I realized how important communication truly is when it comes to sales and the ability to work with people can only create more success.


Has this experience helped you in receiving other career opportunities?

Yes, I’m working for Major League Baseball Advanced Media (MLBAM) this summer. I’ll be in the sponsorship department.


Would you advise your friends to pursue Campus Ambassador Programs?

Yes, the relationships and connections I have made through my experience with DirecTV can’t be taught or given in a classroom. While at school, I advise anyone to take advantage of every opportunity that is out there. Getting experience is way more valuable than a letter grade in a classroom. During my experience, I worked about 20-30 hours a week but every hour I was working I was learning something else that will truly help my future in business. A classroom is structured very differently, and I believe that experience is vital for anyone looking for jobs in the business world.


Describe your experiences as a Brand Ambassador in one word.



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