Benefits of Campus Ambassadorships

“The shocking part was that we only covered my brand ambassadorship job, and not my other work experience.”


To those who wonder if college ambassadorships are worth the effort, the answer is a definitive yes! I recently got messaged on LinkedIn by a recruiter who was determined to call and interview me as soon as possible. One of the first questions that he asked me was, “Can you talk to me about your work in brand ambassadorships while at school?” At first I was surprised that he wanted to discuss that topic and not other jobs that I previously had. After talking to the recruiter about what I did as a brand ambassador and how I could apply these skills to other jobs, it made sense as to why he was curious.


The first and most important brand ambassador job that I spoke about was for University Beyond (UB). Even though I was asked about my work for this company on the spot, I was easily able to discuss all of the skills that I learned as an ambassador for UB. Most importantly, I shared how UB prepared me for work after college.


I first discussed developing my social skills. One of my first responsibilities as an ambassador was to reach out to friends to generate sign ups for the company’s website. Although it may sound like “work,” I mentioned that it really didn’t feel like work. Generating these sign ups was fun for me, as I would send sign up links to my friends, tell them about UB and how it makes applying for brand ambassador jobs so simple. As soon as my peers saw many of my close friends making money from these ambassador jobs, they asked me for a sign up link. The last way in which I got sign ups was by simply posting it in my fraternity’s Facebook group. One thing that I loved about generating sign ups was that it was on my own time and involved my own social networks. I was never rushed to obtain sign ups, and it was very easy to balance it with schoolwork since I could do my work for UB whenever I wanted to.


I was then asked about personal skills developed as a result of working as a brand ambassador. This was easy to talk about since my second task as a UB Ambassador was to hire other brand ambassadors for jobs offered on the UB website. Once again, even though it was a serious task, I enjoyed it. What I had to do was find a couple of my friends who would take their potential job seriously, and then arrange phone calls between them and the company they wanted to work for. I didn’t realize that at the time, another benefit for working as a brand ambassador was that I was constantly networking. Since I was arranging meetings between the companies and my friends, I was interacting with these companies and learning more about them and what they do. As a result of networking with these companies, I was able to work for them (on my own) very easily since I already was in contact with them and they were happy to give me brand ambassador work.


The last question I was asked was how I transferred my skills learned from brand ambassadorship to my current internship. This was a hard question to answer, because the field that I’m working in now isn’t very tech related. However, I remembered how my networking skills learned from my ambassadorship easily transferred to my current internship. Another important aspect that I brought into my new internship was being able to work independently. A lot of the time in brand ambassadorships, you are left to your own devises to fulfill your work, and as a result you become more competent in organizing your time. This then makes you more efficient because you are constantly scheduling your calendar to accommodate your ambassadorship and school work.


By the time I was done talking to the recruiter about my work as a brand ambassador, I realized that we had been on the phone for quite some time. The shocking part was that we only covered my brand ambassador job, and not my other work experience. But, the person on the other side of the phone didn’t want to hear about my other jobs. He wanted to get me into the office for an in-person interview.


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