College Life After Becoming A Brand Ambassador

“So if the start to my story sounds like your experience at school, take a look at what Brand Ambassador positions are hiring. It could change your life.”


Going into college, I was like 99% of all students. I had no idea what type of career I wanted to pursue… I barely knew what outfit I wanted to wear that day. So I did what everyone else did; I chose to pursue a major, marketing, that I did not know much about. I just knew that every person I talked to said I would be great at it. I had some previous marketing experience in high school doing marketing. The summer going into my Sophomore year, I started to think more about what types of internships I wanted to apply to the following year. During my search, I stumbled upon an opportunity with the energy drink brand Red Bull called “The Student Brand Ambassador” position, and they were hiring at my school.
At the time, I knew very little about Brand Ambassador positions. In all honestly, I assumed that these positions were much like the old stereotype of Brand Ambassador jobs: Give out free keychains and hats in the student center… Maybe I can make a little money so I can go out on the weekends.


As I trained for these Brand Ambassador roles that I was taking on, I learned that I was so much more than that. To my surprise, I found out that Red Bull’s Brand Ambassador program is one of the most accomplished out there. Their Student Brand Managers are not just promotional tools, they are integral pieces to their already accomplished marketing efforts. I didn’t just hand out free Red Bulls at parties to my fraternity friends. I was the sole representative of their brand to a school of over 40,000 students. I set up fun events, I worked with local accounts to manage their offerings, I “airdropped” a wooden crate with over 600 cans on the Freshman quad, I worked with school publications to feature an Olympian Red Bull athlete, and I even got to meet our Football coach (and I made $100 per week).


The experience I had with my Brand Ambassador position changed my outlook on my future career. Not only was I more confident with my personal marketing knowledge, but I had recruiters lining up to talk to ME instead of the other way around. I have found that recruiters really have respected that all of the work I have done for Red Bull. I even had one recruiter tell me last semester that my Brand Ambassador experience is more impressive than any internship he had seen that day (I swear I was the last person to be interviewed). When recruiters talk to me, I now always feel confident that I have a lot of relevant experience to talk about. From my Brand Ambassador position, I attracted interest from a recruiter that found ME online because of my Brand Ambassador experience.


From that internship, I have gained so much clarity with what I want to do with my life. To me, there has been no better feeling than that. I think often what would have happened if I did not fill out the application for the Red Bull position. Would I be working at the school gym, sitting behind a desk making $7.50 an hour? It makes me appreciate my decision even more. Because of this experience, I now recommend Brand Ambassador positions to all of my friends because I believe in these jobs so strongly. So if the start to my story sounds like your experience at school, take a look at what Brand Ambassador positions are hiring. It could change your life.


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