Why College Students Should Join a Brand Ambassador Program

Successful companies are starting to build their brands using brand ambassador programs. Through ambassador programs, students are able to get inside a company while still in college, giving them a jump start to a career of their liking. The purpose of an ambassadorship is to gain insight into a career or industry of interest. Ambassadorship programs provide an opportunity for companies to support students by sharing their time and talent. This could start the career path for many students, helping them discover what they need to do to move forward in the business industry. It’s a great way to test drive a career.


1. Get ahead of the competition.

In today’s labor force, a college degree is not enough to ensure a great job after graduation. Employers look for real work experience when examining college students, and expect candidates to have some prior experience before interviewing them. Companies are hoping to train new talent before they graduate through their brand ambassador programs.


2. Gain work experience.

“Fewer than two in five hiring managers who interviewed recent graduates found them prepared for a job in their field of study,” according to a study done by Chegg.com, a leading textbook rental company.


3. Build a network.

Companies formulate a network of potential interns and full-time hires by working with students as early as freshman year. Students can create corporate connections with some of their favorite companies while working as a student brand ambassador.


4.  Learn how to network efficiently.

Student ambassadorships create the opportunity for students to foster and maintain mentoring relationships all while balancing school.


5. Build your resume.

There is barely enough time to create a resume as an undergraduate student. Student ambassadors receive experience intended to enhance their skill-set and develop their resume.


6. Stay motivated.

Discover available opportunities in order to formulate professional networking connections and obtain access to work experience opportunities in multiple industries. People work harder if they have reachable goals to earn additional compensation. Ambassadorships incentivize students by providing top-rated ambassadors opportunities to earn summer internship positions, monetary compensation, free trips to the company headquarters, and opportunities to meet high level executives.


7. Gain the skills you need to get ahead.

“Systems based on open engagement that enable rather than control will generate results that far exceed the combined input of the resources involved,” said Dr. Michael Gold, president at Jazz Impact. Companies are looking for candidates who are socially engaged – it ensures employers that applicants have the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their company. Sites like University Beyond provide that platform.


8. Build your personal brand.

Employers are looking for people with social skills. Knowing the job and having a degree is no longer enough to land you a career. As undergrads work with these brands, they are also creating relationships with different kinds of people.


9. Get college credit.

Universities allow students to receive academic credit through work experience that fits a certain criteria. Several universities require students to complete an internship to graduate. Ambassador initiatives are a great way for students to fulfill such requirements.


10.  Put money in your pocket.

Companies with brand ambassadorships provide free products, software, event passes, and branded promotional products. Some companies also offer stipends which can be provided weekly, monthly, yearly, or at the end of a semester.


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