7 Companies Hiring Brand Ambassadors & They’re Paying

Need that extra experience to put on your resume? Look no further! University Beyond has got what you need to be the accomplished student you’ve always wanted to be.  Put down whatever you’re doing, read this article, and check out these amazing companies that are hiring right now:


Study Abroad Apartments

Interested in communications or business marketing? Get the opportunity to work with Study Abroad Apartments, an alternative to international student housing. Why not gain valuable experience working with an internationally recognized startup with over 2,000 apartments worldwide? Working with Study Abroad Apartments students can become knowledgeable in new markets, building locations, and contractual agreements. Campus ambassadors will receive compensation as a result of the amount of work and number of students they sign up for their service. Additionally, applicants will be considered for the Study Abroad Marketing Internship position.



Are you a self-starter? Are you able to work alone?  TailBus, a NYC-­based startup, is looking for students to help drive user acquisition. Be responsible for building the TailBus community. Get compensated for each user that is acquired. Students will earn $7 to $10 for every person they sign up to use Tailbus for a ride, $25 to $50 for successfully organizing a Tailbus trip. Students can receive awesome perks like fun day trips to concerts and sporting events.



Become a sales executive for Krossover. Gain the experience and work with a cutting-edge start-up that focuses on sports promotion. Krossover will pay you $50 for each coach recommended and $100 for each coach you have go through a demo with an Account Executive from the Krossover headquarters.


Fresh Prints

Fresh Prints is looking for campus managers to start and run Fresh Prints at their school. Pitch and manage clients, price goods, manage timelines, work with their art team, and earn a percentage of the revenue you generate. The custom apparel company’s average managers earn around $8K every school year and their best managers earn around $13K.



Do you like to attend events? Well, SquadUp is offering you a chance to make money. Get paid to develop and execute strategic marketing plans. Ambassadors set their own commission which is based on the ticket price of the event.


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