Student Ambassador Programs could be the Future of Job Recruitment

“It could become the best way for students to get hired right out of college.”


The average Intel employee dumps one day a week trying to find people with the experience and expertise, plus the relevant information to do their job. We have calculated the monetary impact due to lost productivity and opportunity. Let me just say that it is motivating us to take action,” said Laurie Buczek.


In order for organizations to overcome their challenges with sourcing talent, they must gain a deeper understanding of their sources of hire. To understand the most effective way to identify, manage, and track sources of hire, organizations are not only considering expanding employee referral programs, but are starting to link sources of hire with employee performance.


Student ambassadorship programs do just that. Once a student is hired, employers are able to monitor a student’s work  within the timeline given to them. These programs allow students to see what they really have a knack for and employers to see which student is the best fit for them. The platform ties together social engagement and career recruitment.


A study done by the Pulse Point Group said , 84 percent of executives thought being socially engaged improved marketing and sales effectiveness. Eighty one percent thought it increased sales and market shares.


It’s beneficial for students too. Through ambassador programs, students are able to get inside a company while still in college. This gives them a jump start to a career of their liking. These programs allow students to start the process of creating their own personal brand. This can help perfect their sales, people, and social media skills; making it easier for them to transition into a real work environment.


Fifty six percent of employers said that about half or fewer applicants who apply to positions within their company have the skills and knowledge for advancement, according to the Association of American Colleges and Universities.


Combining recruitment and using socially engaging tools might become the true way for employers to really sift through all the good and bad eggs. It could become the best way for students to get hired right out of college. Nearly 50 percent of employees believe social tools make them more productive, according to a Microsoft survey conducted by research firm Ipsos.


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