#TBT – You Should Be Glad These Jobs Don’t Exist Anymore

Technology is progressing every day. It’s easy to understand why – technology exists to make our lives a little easier. But, the advancement of technology eliminates the tasks humans would normally do manually. The resources that we use every day, like electricity, weren’t always available and eons ago people and animals did the jobs most machines and computers do now. You have got to give it up for technology, she really did humanity justice. Check out 5 intense jobs technology rid the world of.

1. Ice Cutting

Ice Cutting Jobs
Loading Ice on Truck at Nicola Lake

Shout out to Refrigerators.


2. Doo-Doo Farmers

They are really known as Gong Farmers, we  just wanted to keep it “one-hundred” with you. A gong farmer’s job was to dig out and remove human excrement from privies and cesspits. The word “gong” was used for both a privy (outhouse) and its contents. They were paid 2 shillings per ton of night soil collected.

Gong Farmer Jobs
Gong farmer ad.

Shout to plumbing and toilets.


3. Human Alarm Clocks

They’re better known as knocker-uppers. Their responsibilities required them to wake up before anyone else, waking up everyone, and waiting at people’s windows until they woke up. The equipment used to wake people up included a truncheon, a bamboo stick, and a pea shooter.

Knocker Upper Jobs

Shout out to accurate alarm clocks.


4. Resurrections

Resurrections were commonly employed by anatomists in the United Kingdom during the 18th and 19th centuries to dig up the bodies of the recently dead.

Resurrectionists painting

Resurrectionists (1847), by Hablot Knight Browne. Source – Wikimedia

Shout out to the morgue.


5. Radar Listener For Enemy Aircraft

All hail the day when we invented radar. Acoustic horns, sound mirrors and war tubas were used to try to track down enemy aircraft. There’s no real proof of aircraft listeners’ success, but they were an essential part of the army until radars took over in the 1930’s.


Shout out to radar.


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