#TBT – Vintage Photos of the 2016 Presidential Nominees (GOP)

Back at it again with this Thursday’s throwback post! This week we’re giving you vintage photos of this year’s Republican Presidential Nominees. The list includes Ted Cruz, John Kasich and Donald Trump. The national front runner for the GOP (Grand Old Party), Trump, is taking to social media like never before. He is predicted to become the first “social media and reality TV president.”  Trump’s a social media savage. In the US alone, there were 6.4 million interactions regarding the launch of his campaign generated within 24 hours, the highest ‘by far’ among all 2016 GOP candidates according to Trump’s campaign. And he’s taking no prisoners! Trump managed to embarrass presidential nominee, Jeb Bush, by redirecting JebBush.com visitors to his own campaign site. The prank was then relayed all over Twitter. As the savagery continues on the road to the 2016 National Republican Convention, check out these vintage photos of the nominees before they were on social media.


1. Donald Trump

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2. Ted Cruz

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3. John Kasich

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Photo Sources – Daily Mail, Reddit, Getty Images, Boston Globe, Express News, Daedre Levine, Washington Post, Dayton Daily News


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