Ten of Your Favorite Throwback Celebrity Brand Ambassadors

It’s throwback Thursday and it’s time for some throwback brand ambassadors. Check out these retro commercials as they showcase some of our favorite celebrities promoting our favorite brands. Come with us as we take a trip down memory lane!


1. Michael Jackson & Alfonso Ribeiro for Pepsi 1984


2. OJ Simpson for Hertz 1978


3. 2pac & Snoop Dogg for St.Ides (Malt liquor) 1996


4. Larry Bird and Magic Johnson for Converse 1986


5. Jay Leno for Doritos 1990


6. Jackie Chan for Mountain Dew 1997


7. Bo Jackson for Nike 1989


8. Princess Diana for Mazda 1993 (Dutch)


9. Backstreet Boys for Burger King 1999


10. Michael Jordan for Gatorade 1993


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